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Walter is a West Highland Terrier and Wilbur is a British Shorthair Blue cat. Wilbur tolerates Walter, but Walter loves Wilbur! Walter is a simple soul but loving and constantly annoys Wilbur without meaning to...

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Walter the dog is 2 years old, loves sleeping in comfy chairs, eating yummy treats and playing with his toys and with Wilbur. Wilbur the cat is 3 years old, loves sleeping pretty much anywhere but has a favourite spot that Walter keeps stealing.

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Follow the adventures of Walter and Wilbur by purchasing eBooks for any device - or you can also order a full colour printed version for bedtime stories!


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About the author

nick carter

A true Cornishman through and through, Nick was born in Truro in 1978. A dedicated cricketer, Nick has played in the Cornwall leagues since he was 11 years old. From an early age Nick loved drawing and creating characters to make people smile and even does characters of his cricket buddies.

A self taught artist with a love of animals. Nick is constantly inspired by his own Westie and Blue Cat, who are a never-ending source of amusement and affection. A dream of Nick’s has always been to create a book and make people laugh. Having recently become a devoted father to his son George, Nick’s interest in children’s books was piqued and ‘Walter Gets The Pumps’ was born!

“I think the best way to get children to enjoy reading is through laughter,”
Nick Carter, 2014.